I’m never gonna come down

Am furat si eu o leapsa, nu mai stiu de unde. Ii propun persoanei care o mai completeaza sa se cronometreze, ca eu am impresia ca am facut-o intr-o ora. πŸ˜€
– Available: hm… asa si-asa. ceva de genul “sunt on, dar stau pe invisible”
– Age: 17 intr-o saptamana
– Annoyance: prostia
– Allergic: nu sunt
– Animal: nu-mi plac animalele
– Actor: trec peste

– Beer: redd’s sau beck’s cu lamaie
– Birthday/Birthplace: 16 mai 1992.
– Best Friends: C.L.A.M.E.D.
– Body Part on opposite sex: toate
– Best feeling in the world: ce cacat
– Blind or Deaf: blind
– Best weather: toamna
– Been in Love: dap
– Been on stage? dap
– Believe in yourself? AHA πŸ˜€
– Believe in life on other planets: nu
– Believe in miracles: nu m-am hotarat inca πŸ˜€
– Believe in Magic: nu
– Believe in God: NU
– Believe in Satan: –
– Believe in Santa: 😐
– Believe in Ghosts/spirits: nu
– Believe in Evolution: dap

– Car: rosie :))
– Candy: –
– Color: green
– Cried in school: oh yeaah… bad people… they don`t understand me…
– Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla
– Chinese/Mexican: mexican
– Cake or pie: pie
– Countries to visit: finland, france, spain & greece.

– Day or Night: night
– Dream vehicle: –
– Danced: da
– Danced in the rain? nu
– Danced in the middle of the street? nu mai stiu
– Do the splits? did.

– Eggs: ce-i cu ele?
– Eyes: caprui-verzi
– Everyone has: 😐
– Ever failed a class? nu

– First crush: –
– Full name: :))
– First thoughts waking up: somn, vis, ceas, pasta de dinti, scoala, aaa… asa, muzica
– Food: KFC
-Fruits: watermelon

– Greatest Fear: hai c-ai zis-o
– Giver or taker: giver cu pretentii πŸ˜€
– Goals: eh… noi sa fim sanatosi
– Gum: ce as putea sa raspund?
– Get along with your parents? nu prea
– Good luck charms: …

– Hair Colour: saten
– Height: the highest heights of all πŸ˜€ 1.77 sau ceva de genu
– Happy: da, merge
– Holidays: like them
– How do you want to die: foarte repede
– Health freak? nu
– Hate: nu

(In guys/girls)
– Eye colour: any
– Hair Color: any
– Height: potrivita
– Clothing Style: fara auriu si familia lui
– Characteristics: mai multe
– Ice Cream: vanilie
– Instrument: chitara

– Jewelry: fara
– Job: nu inca

– Kids: nu
– Kickboxing or karate: nu
– Keep a journal? nu, doar ce se vede online

– Longest Car Ride: nu stiu
– Love: hm..
– Letter: mai exista scrisori?
– Laughed so hard you cried: adica sa razi cu lacrimi sau sa plangi cand te auzi razand?
– Love at first sight: nu exista

– Milk flavour: fara milk
– Movie: The Butterfly Effect 1
– Mooned anyone? :-??
– Marriage: nu
– Motion sickness? nu
– McD’s or BK: mc

– Number of Siblings: 1
– Number of Piercings: 0 deocamdata
– Number: 2
– Nickname: Edy

– Overused Phrases: ramane de completat
– One wish: πŸ˜€
– One phobia: cainii

– Place you’d like to live: –
– Pepsi/Coke: coke

– Quail: at dogs and spiders
– Questionnaires: ?

– Reason to cry: mi-a cazut o insigna
– Reality T.V.: fara
– Radio Station: nici
– Roll your tongue in a circle? :))

– Song: prea multe
– Shoe size: 42
– Sushi: –
– Skipped school: da
– Slept outside: da
– Seen a dead body? da
– Smoked? uai i es, and still
– Shower daily? da
– Sing well? nu
– In the shower? nu
– Swear? sa moara mama
– Stuffed Animals? nu
– Single/Group dates: single
– Strawberries/Blueberries: strawberry
– Scientists need to invent: :-??

– Time for bed: alternate
– Thunderstorms: cateodata da
– Touch your tongue to your nose? nu

– Unpredictable: DAA
– Under the influence? nu
– Understanding? nu mereu

– Vegetable you hate: none
– Vegetable you love: none
– Vacation spot: :-??

– Weakness: em ai ar i el ei
– When you grow up: o sa ma fac superman! πŸ˜€
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: nu stiu
– Who makes you laugh the most: Loredana
– Worst feeling: indifference
– Wanted to be a model? nu
– Where do we go when we die: nowhere
– Worst weather: cand e cald/frig de mori
– Walk with a book on your head? nu

– X-Rays: nu

– Year it is now: 2009
– Yellow: coldplay

– Zoo animal: niciunu… nu-mi plac animalele
– Zodiac sign: taurus

1. Slept in a bed beside you? catalin, da in masina
2. Last person to see you cry? ohoho… nu stiu
3. Went to the movies with you? :-??
4. You went to the mall with? i don`t like malls
5. You went to dinner with? grandma
6. You talked to on the phone? Ioana
7. Made you laugh? colegii, azi, la fast


2 Responses to “I’m never gonna come down”

  1. Corina Says:

    one phobia-cainii…si cu broaste;le cum ramane=))…

  2. bad0religion Says:

    Am fobii pentru intuneric, paianjeni si caini. De broaste mi-e scarba. :)))) Mi-am adus aminte de stii tu ce.

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